Winner of Jabuti 2017 (Brazil's most prestigious literary award).

From the children's digital series "Eu leio para uma criança".

Double award winner by Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil (National Foundation of Children's Book) in the categories Best Informative Book and Best New Author(2016).

Jabuti 2016 award nominee.

Invited author for Flip 2016 (Brazil's most important International Literary Festival).

Translated to Spanish and German. Soon to be transalated to English and Urdu.

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A decade of war in Afghanistan since 9/11, as told by eleven locals - a Taliban comander, a warlord, the first woman candidate for presidency, a humanitarian agent, a young female grafitti artist, among others.

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• Programa do Jô

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Jabuti 2011 award nominee.

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Book articles and chapters

Afterword of the Portuguese edition by Adriana Carranca

Chapter "Dar voz à diversidade" ("Giving voice to diversity") by Adriana Carranca

Adriana Carranca